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EU Research magazine is the World leading open access publication for scientific research and dissemination. Each issue covers a different thematic area, presenting cutting edge science in an innovative and entertaining format.

The purpose of EU Research is to help projects achieve their dissemination goals. Academics wanting to present their research to a global audience, translate their results into an understandable document, or generate interest from a specific industry, find EU Research to be a powerful dissemination vehicle.

We believe dissemination is a vital part of scientific research, the progress of which is central to global economic, social and cultural development. The global marketplace depends on on-going technological development to deliver faster, better, more reliable solutions, while fundamental research holds the key to a deeper understanding of the issues that affect all of our lives.

These are issues we seek to reflect within the pages of EU Research, each edition of which focuses on a major scientific topic, thereby enhancing the visibility of research while also ensuring that it reaches the most relevant audience. We write and edit high quality content centred on major research projects, while our mix of editorial and interviews offers a complete overview of current research in Europe. EU Research actively enables academia, government and the private sector to build relationships and collaborate across all areas of science. We strive to promote research and knowledge transfer between the European science base and industry.

EU Research is an open access journal. This means EU Research magazine is free of charge to view, available for unrestricted use and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.  When using part or all of our publications please reference EU Research as its creator.

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