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Dissemination of scientific research occupies a central place in our economic and cultural life, both in terms of humanity’s basic thirst for knowledge and its potential to revolutionise our way of life. At EU Research we recognise the wider importance of scientific research and specialise in researching, editing and writing articles across a wide range of scientific topics. We have extensive experience of working with EU-funded projects and believe that publicising scientific research is the key to capitalising on its long-term potential, whether that be commercial development or facilitating further academic collaboration.

The world’s universities and academic institutions are home to advanced technical expertise, and building strong links between academia and commerce is crucial to ensuring that research advances are translated into tangible developments, such as new medicines, improved communications networks or innovative methods for producing and conserving energy. At EU research we use the skills to present complex material in a clear, concise and accessible way, and use our strong relationships with academic, commercial and governmental contacts to bring your research to a targeted, immediately relevant audience.

While applied research forms an important part of the scientific agenda, we also know the value of fundamental research, and recognise that work motivated purely by academic curiosity is crucial to the ongoing development of science across all fields. Alongside our work in writing, editing and designing articles we provide rigorous copy-editing and proof-reading services. We know the importance of using clear and accurate language in technical documents and research papers, and combine a keen eye for detail with a meticulous approach to our work.