Europe's leader in research dissemination

Dissemination of research findings is central to scientific progress. At  EU Research we understand the wider cultural, economic, and social  importance of both fundamental and applied research. We specialise in editing, writing and distributing articles on scientific projects. Our series of journals on major topics bring research findings to a targeted, highly relevant audience and act as an effective, accessible platform to enable ongoing collaboration and development.

  • About Us

    We recognise the wider importance of scientific research and specialise in researching, editing and writing articles across a wide range of scientific topics.

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  • Magazines

    EU Research has over 40 separate publications covering a broad range of scientific fields. We can report and document any stage of a project life cycle.

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  • Services

    We specialise in producing and distributing articles on scientific research, and use our extensive network of contacts in commerce, government and academia.

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